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The Grand Tour for Grand Ma

P1020753Two days ago, Owen woke up and discovered that his apartment now had a grandma and two aunts living in it.  Also, a few more toys than before.

After welcoming them (toys included) to Hangzhou, then eating some breakfast, pooping, and taking his morning nap, Owen took them out to the No. 6 Park to show them off. (The toys stayed home.)

Being a Monday morning, there were lots of other babies out in the park showing off their grandmas, too. Baby-to-baby, grandma-to-grandma, grandma-to-other baby, there was lots of sizing up.  But Owen and his grandma did really well.

Owen showed Grandma all his friends around the neighborhood, and together they made some new ones, too.  One of them said in English that Grandma looked so young, and then in Chinese, to Owen’s mom, that Owen must be cold.  Their last stop was the Muslim noodle shop, where Owen is somewhat of a regular, and the owners make the best knife-cut pulled noodles this side of Lanzhou.

All in all, it was a good introduction for everyone. Continue reading


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