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It Snowed! Are You Having Fun?

The Hangzhou Pelting Zoo

The Hangzhou Pelting Zoo

It’s wet, it’s dirty, it smells like sulphur — but hey, it’s snow! And it’s here, along with all the joy and drama one might expect in these frantic weeks before the Spring Festival holidy. And perhaps nobody’s feeling that anxiety more than Owen’s beloved lions at the Hangzhou zoo. This was a top story on the Baidu (China’s equivalent of Google) news site today:

On January 5, 2013, at the Zhejiang Provincial Museum’s lion mountain pen—-A group of sightseers, upon seeing the African lions, immediately began packing snowballs. The lions, sensing danger, hurried behind the scant protection they could find. The female lion ran under a wooden board, while the male lion took cover behind a tree trunk, keeping both eyes firmly locked on the group of tourists. Continue reading



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