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Happy Chinese New Year! In Yao.

Muang SingFor Chinese New Year, we once again escaped to the hinterland. Last year, it was to that mostly-deserted little island of Hong Kong. This year, we found ourselves in Muang Sing, a busy market town and administrative center for an area of Laos abutting the Chinese border. Same holiday, different place: here the Chinese farmer’s calendar is also observed by the Yao, an ethnic group located in pockets across southwest China and this part of Laos. And as we discovered, they have their own variation on the tradition of doling out the hongbao-wrapped yasuiqian: red-dyed eggs, tied up in colorful strings and—you guessed it—given to kids on New Year’s Day. Owen got given two—so for all involved, it is an auspicious new year indeed. Continue reading



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