South of the Border, Down Luang Nam Tha Way

Nam ThaLao, we only briefly knew you, but it’s been real. Thanks for the $11/night bungalow in a garden, thanks for the coffee and foreign backpackers to chat with, thanks for the blue skies (under which your waterfalls, jungles, and mountains gleamed) and star-filled skies (under which our city-raised toddler swooned). Thanks, above all, for your population density, so vastly low compared to China’s, which has made these 4 days seem like an island vacation from the cruise ship we are accustomed to.

We wanted to go biking here in Luang Nam Tha; it’s more or less what there is to do, along with jungle trekking and, um, eating fruit plates. But not one of the ten or so bike rental outfits in town had a child seat to rent, so we rode a tuk-tuk to the minority villages and waterfalls outside of town. Well, Owen and I did, anyway. Nick was back at the bungalow, making sure we got our full $11 worth (thanks, China, for the dirty cashews at your last supermarket before the border!). Remember when we bought a stockpile of Cipro in Uzbekistan this summer? Well, good thing. Nick is on the mend and we are on the move. Thailand tomorrow. Here are our Lao-sy pictures.


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