South of the Clouds

There will be buses. And there will be blog posts! (Now you’re cringing, too.)

It’s Spring Festival time again, which means we’re again joining 1 out of every 5 human beings on this planet for another simultaneous collective great rush to get somewhere.

This year being a sequel for us, we’ve decided that for our second act we’re going to go get lost/stranded/囧途 somewhere in the direction of where it’s warm. Er.

South of the Clouds, south of the crowds? 云南,还是运难?We’ll see.

(In plain English: we’re heading to China’s southwest provinces and a few bordering countries beyond. And it’s gonna be a great trip.)

We’ll be sending postcards.



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2 responses to “South of the Clouds

  1. Alice Lawrence

    Looking forward to your amusing musings and lexicographical leaps in your travel travails and triumphs. Not to mention the puns . . .

  2. Aunt Robin

    looking forward to reading about all your newest great traveling adventures where ever they may take you this time. Have fun while you do it too. Aunt Robin

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