Postcard from Burqin

Refreshing BurqinNot much to report here, just another town to pass through up here in this northwest part of northwest China. Except that, in a strangely-prioritized, amply-budgeted effort to green things up a bit, they’ve actually installed a town-wide toddler entertainment system: dozens and dozens of sidewalk-side sprinklers, the backyard kind that click-click-click their way around and deliver a quick shot of coolness on a hot Xinjiang day. And for the parents? Kvas, a fizzy, lightly fermented rye beverage bottled by this area’s Russians and served ice-cold, just the way we Caucasians like.



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3 responses to “Postcard from Burqin

  1. Grandma Alice

    LOVE the sprinkler series. Gave me a delicious shiver reminiscent of sprinkler heaven as a child. Oh that boy is such a delight.

  2. It all looks amazing! Asian never ceases to amaze. Greetings from The Land Of Smiles. K

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