Postcard from Baishuitai

The not-so natural 'white water terraces'More Naxi, Yi, and now Tibetan villages on our way up to Zhongdian in northern Yunnan. While the the two former groups appear to be just barely eking out livelihoods on the steep hillsides, tourism (and nice subsidies, one Tibetan tells us) seem to be serving the Tibetans here well. There’s definitely something screwy going on with the amount of timber the Tibetans are evidently allowed to use (and can somehow afford) for their big traditional houses. In a country that’s been so widely deforested, where are they getting that ship’s mast lumber? Anyway, the limestone pools seen here, just off the main road through this area, were actually laughably unimpressive after so much local hype (some of the ‘natural’ pools were obviously dug with a shovel). The only person happy to have made the trip to see them was Owen, who as the world’s most obsessed puddle splasher could hardly believe his luck. In China, you just never know what you’re gonna get.


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Filed under Foreign-er Travel, Up the Yin-Yangze

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