Two Postcards from Tianjin

China Trip 036c
Tianjin, June 2005.

Hebei-Beijing-Marathon (100)

Tianjin, May 2012.

Back in 2005, I had never before seen the amount of dust and pollution in the air that I encountered on my fist visit to Tianjin (and that was a month or two after being in Mexico City).  Two weeks ago, coming through this port city on our way home from the marathon, the air still looks pretty bad here–perhaps even worse. But at least it doesn’t stand out so badly from other Chinese cities anymore. Actually, I thought the reconstructed riverfront area actually looked pretty nice!


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One response to “Two Postcards from Tianjin

  1. Pretty much how I felt going to Beijing before the Olympics and coming back a few days ago. Crazy.

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