A Day in the Life

Well, make that fifteen minutes. In the life of one very busy boy.

01 More Yogurt! 03 That's the good stuff 04 okay full

     05 clean up time   06 under the armpits too 07 much better 08 what next?
09 Hey Mom - you're awesome! 10 ..and so is this body 11 you handsome devil, you
12 look what i found! 13 it's beautiful 15 watch out dad


Filed under Life in the Bike Lane

5 responses to “A Day in the Life

  1. mary freeman

    Happy, Happy, Happy!

  2. Grandma Alice

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful boy (continue song in your head). Thank you for these smiles.

  3. jess

    Picture # 2, smiling with spoon, is the cutiest!

  4. dorrie

    Like his cousin Zoe, he just keeps getting more beautiful and engaging every day.

  5. Jerry

    #13 He is actually standing still and doing something else while not falling down! So Big!!

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