Walking Guangzhou

We’re in Guangzhou. And after stepping off the crowded, sleepy train early this morning (picture a mass of zombies, with rice bags and roller luggage), and walking this city from sunup to sundown, we think it’s the best in China (so far). Partly it’s the great weather today, partly the different food, partly the holiday atmosphere right now, but the city feels like it’d be a good one to live in year-round.

Owen did some walking today too, with assistance. He’s now mostly graduated to one-hand-only support. As evidenced by his facial expressions, this is both intensely difficult and absolutely hilarious, for unknown reasons. Between laughing, he also breathes out boo, booh, boo, which sounds a lot like 步,步,步, or “step, step, step.” This is funny for everyone. During one “walking break,” Owen was lucky to impress a nearby monk (monks are his favorite), who gave him two little oranges to grab with his one proudly-free hand. Since the little guy is not really capable of eating oranges (but tell that to Chinese people), Bayley and Tina ate them. So yes, at nine months old, Owen was exploited by his own mother in doing street performances in Guangzhou, China. Then again, we were already exploiting him to get people to want to read our lousy blog.



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4 responses to “Walking Guangzhou

  1. Jake

    Nick, whats up with your shoes in the above picture? Did you forget you’re from VT not Austria?

  2. We loved Guangzhou as well, definitely could have spent more time. There. We highly recommend making the trek out to whampoa military academy if you can.

  3. Robin Freeman

    Nick, Bayley & Tina, I sure love reading every one of your blogs and seeing all the pictures you add to each of the blogs. Owen is so cute and growing so fast too. How about doing a family protrait photo as well? Tina looks great too.

  4. Looks like very lovely city…You guys look great and the weather had to have been very nice…. The Chinese man in brown, that would be a monk?? Bearing the gifts of oranges….Trust me it is not due to just Owen that I follow your blog. I love hearing of your tales and many new adventures and the pictures are marvelous. Although the stories of the Chinese fascination with Owen and his (LOL undeserving parents!!) are quite amusing…. Note I think you are quite deserving!! You are giving Owen a wonderful experience that he may not remember all his life, but it will certainly have its influence. You are building a child that will welcome all kinds of new and unusual experiences….. and be willing to climb a mountain!!!

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