The Gang’s …Still Here

We’re stranded but quite warm, both for the first time on our previously smooth-going but somewhat frigid trip. We’re in the rail station in Nanyue waiting hours for a quick train 30 minutes up the line. (If only we’d thought an hour ago that we’d still be here now, we might be at the bus station getting on our way right now.) Our train is late because all the trains on this line are late, and that’s because, according to one of the station employees who told me like it was a secret, an earlier train messed everything up when someone accidentally lit a seat on fire with his cigarette.

So we’re waiting for our train, enjoying the literal and figurative warmth here in this small-town train station. Owen of course is thrilled to be travelling with Aunt Tina, even if we’ve only made a dozen miles at this point.

Attached are some pictures from walking around Changsha and from climbing Hengshan.


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One response to “The Gang’s …Still Here

  1. Are you too cold? You need to dress warmer…. Sorry couldn’t resist!! Love the funny stories about the permanent resides’ fixation with what you wear outside…and how Owen must be freezing. Course I bundle up like an Eskimo in anything nearing 35 degrees or a straight through you wind in 40 degrees. Still think its COLD in Atlanta with 40-50 highs .. brrrrr I need HEAT!

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