All Together Now

The gang’s all here. Today we arrived in Nanyue, the smallish town in central Hunan province where little sister/aunt/local celebrity Tina lives and teaches English at the high school. We came down from Changsha, the heavily polluted provincial capital a hundred miles north, on a high-speed train that hit 300km/hr as it sped above brown winter fields and ramshackle houses on its elevated track. Tina took us and two Chinese friends out to dinner in town, and Owen enjoyed having an audience to watch him eat some rice and chicken and listen to his lengthy babbling. We’ll all start our travels together tomorrow, at the base of the big mountain that earns this town a stop on the rail line, and continue until Tina finds something better to do or Singapore, whichever comes first.

The last few days in western Hunan were great. If things are working correctly, this post should have a few pictures included.









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3 responses to “All Together Now

  1. Mary Freeman

    So glad to hear you are all together! The pictures are incredible. I can’t wait to visit that beautiful country!

  2. Jean

    Wow! I agree, the pictures are totally A W E S O M E!!! Looks like it is cold, but no snow?

  3. I too love the pictures, of the countryside andof the temporary residents!!

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