Now we don’t need to see that movie Avatar

A great start here in Western Hunan. The air is brisk, the food is steaming and spicy (Hunan cuisine is the best of China, we think), the mountain/misty landscape is great to hike in, and, best of all, the national park we’re in is practically empty. Zhangjiajie, the dubiosly-claimed inspiration for the setting of Avatar, the AAAAA-level national attraction, is nearly devoid of human presence. And yes, that’s FIVE stars that the Chinese government uses, to tell you that the lines will be approximately 5,000 times as long as an A-level attraction. Not in January. All day it was basically us (we three – no Tina yet); some native inhabitants, both human and monkey; and one small group of Koreans. The scenery was pretty spectacular, and all the above-listed people and monkeys were in great spirits. And we haven’t even seen the movie (even the wrinkled old Tujia-minority woman, and probably all the monkeys, have seen the movie). Wish we could upload a picture of the area, but they don’t seem to be uploading right now. But again, if you’ve seen the movie, supposedly you already know.
Tomorrow: we head south for couple stops on the train line and see where we end up.


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