Goin’ Down South

It’s Spring Festival time, and we’re outta here. The papers are packed and the bags are written. Now it’ll be us, Aunt Tina, and 800 million other travelling companions—mostly all in the same train car.  This trip’s theme: Southern / Coastal China and the “Greater China” diaspora cities of SE Asia.  This trip’s motto: “We may be freezing and exhausted outside a packed train station, but at least this is better than when I had to write those four papers in five days so we could get here a few days earlier.”

And finally, this trip’s theme movie: 《在线囧途》. Watch and feel like you’re there!

The map on the left is where we plan to go. The map on the right will show markers where we ‘check-in.’  Anything can happen, so come back to this page for our travel posts and to see where we end up.

Click for larger map


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  1. Jake

    Awesome, enjoy

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