A New Year, A New Me

Hey guys, Owen here.

Just wanted to share my 2012 New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Go backpacking get backpacked all over Asia.

2. Finally learn Mandarin.

3. Try to slim down a little.

Wish me luck!



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6 responses to “A New Year, A New Me

  1. mary freeman

    My Dearest Owen, Please don’t slim down until your Grandmas get to squeeze your chunky little cheeks and blow razzberries on your belly!

  2. Kip

    OMG – look at those pink cheeks – he needs to be dressed warmer!

  3. jess

    Owen, don’t forget “Celebrate my very first birthday in grand style” and “Learn to run”!

  4. Robin Freeman

    Owen, just keep on learnng all you can over there with your inquiztive eyes and ears. keep your smile. do some hiking over there for me too. Your Aunt Robin misses you.

  5. Grandma Alice

    Owen, you are just right the way you are!
    Hope you enjoy guiding your parents all over Asia and making friends with everyone.

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