Don’t get too excited, it’s gonna be a while before one of us actually sits down and writes something.  And it won’t be too exciting when we do.

In the meantime, here is a picture.

owen face



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4 responses to “Test

  1. Mr. Comment

    Ugly blog, cute baby.

  2. mary freeman

    We will miss you, but know you are ready to embark on an incredible adventure. We are looking forward to hearing all about your experiences and of course, updates on Owen.

  3. Tina-Marie


  4. Thanks for the commentary Bayley. Really enjoyed it. Hope you get your shipment soon. Love the picture of Owen. He looks so much older now than when we saw him in May.
    Enjoy your sojourn. It is exciting. Glenn Jr is going to China again at the end of July but he stays south in the Guangzhou area. I imagine you have many less bicycles there than we saw in 95 but I don’t know how they could possibly replace them with autos. It is mind boggling. Take good care. Love, Gramma Freeman

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